HS Career Outcomes Survey Fall 2022 (6 months)

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This survey provides Iowa State University with important information about your plans after graduation. The information is used to fulfill reporting requirements, and to help current and prospective students make career decisions. Responses will be reported in aggregated format, so your individual responses are kept confidential, except from staff with an educational need to know. The survey should take only a few minutes to complete and we greatly appreciate your input.

Please select the level of degree(s) you will be receiving or just received from ISU (check all that apply).
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Teacher Education ProgramRequired
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Which of these categories most accurately reflects your current status regarding your post-graduation plans? Note: 'In-Career Employment' means related to your major. If you will be continuing your current employment after graduation and it relates to your major, please select 'In-Career Employment Accepted.'
Any additional feedback or comments you care to provide to Career Services will be greatly appreciated.
Please provide us with a 'non-iastate.edu' email address so we can contact you after graduation if necessary.