LAS Internship Survey 2021

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Please address the following questions relative to your summer experience and proceed accordingly.

Did you participate in an internship within the last 4 months?Required
If 'yes', proceed to Internship Information section below. If 'no', answer the next two questions and click on the 'Finalize' button.

Internship Information

Did you receive college credit for your employment experience?


Type of compensation received
Example: 10.00
Example: 1500.00
Example: 1000.00
Was any summer housing assistance (acquisition and/or cost) provided by your employer?

Internship Wrap-up

Were you required to complete a special capstone project and/or present a final report?
If a graduating senior, did you receive a full-time employment offer as a result of this internship? If not a graduating senior, skip this question and the next question.
If yes, did you accept this offer to return as a full-time employee?
If a non-graduating senior, did you receive an offer to return as an intern with the company next summer?
If yes, did you accept this offer to return as an intern?
Level and quality of mentoring and/or supervisor feedback you received. (select one)
Would you recommend this internship to a fellow student?